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Going Granite Natural Stone Flooring!

Statements! We all love to make a statement! Whether in a residential or commercial setting, one of the most overlooked opportunities is, literally, right under your feet … your flooring. If words like “striking”, “durable”, “ageless” and “easy-to-maintain” strike an accord with you, consider natural stone flooring!

The most durable of all floorings are natural stone-materials that, when properly installed, last the lifetime of a home or business. This toughness, combined with the natural beauty of stone and the incredible array of types, colors, patterns and textures; makes stone the material of choice where quality and character are paramount.


Natural stone flooring in kitchens!


Natural stone flooring in bathrooms!


Natural stone flooring in bedrooms!


Natural stone flooring in entries!


Natural stone flooring in living and dining areas!


Natural stone flooring in staircases!

Where? Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entry, living and dining areas, stairs … just about anywhere.


Natural stone flooring in offices and businesses!

And, of course, commercial applications.


Natural stone flooring in outdoor settings!

Outdoors? You bet … here sandstone and flagstone, in particular, stand out above the common concrete and industrial pavers you’ll most frequently encounter. Natural stone is durable; almost any of our numerous surface choices can be used outdoors!

What stone? Granite and marble are the runaway favorites but quartz, slate, sandstone and travertine are also popular flooring choices.

Why Choose Going Granite?

First and foremost, our design team and expertise. We’ll work with you to customize the perfect natural stone flooring to meet your aesthetic objectives and budget! All pre-installation fabrication is performed locally at our workshop and factory at 812 S. Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO. We can handle simple offsetting brick-patterned stone slabs to intricate contrasting patterns to artistic inlays! Below are several useful tips and FYIs for planning your new natural stone flooring:

1) Natural Stone Flooring is a Long-Term Decision!


Two-hundred year old marble flooring in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall!

The stone flooring you install today will sever you generation and likely several to follow! Look at the timeless light and dark marble flooring in the United States Capitol’s National Statuary Hall in the photo above. It was installed 200 years ago this year and despite continual use by Congress and over 3,000,000 visitors a year looks as good today as it did two centuries ago!

One thought for your consideration … avoid “trendy” colors and styles as, like a tattoo, you’ll be living with your new flooring for many years. Remember when Harvest Gold and Avocado Green kitchens were all the rage?

2) Slip Resistance

In flooring slip resistance is measured by its coefficient of friction, which calculates how much force it takes to move a specific weight over a surface. The higher the coefficient of friction the less slippery a floor is.


Similar cosmos black granite samples with polished and leather finishes.

The coefficient of friction of polished natural stone flooring like granite and marble depends on the type of finish that the stone has. A highly polished stone floor has a very low coefficient of friction, especially when wet, making it a potential slip hazard in the wrong location. Note, though, that polished stone is no more, and, sometimes less slippery than glossy ceramic tiles. Honed, tumbled, brushed or leather finished granite and marble flooring have greater traction due to the dimensional elements in the surface of the stone. Other natural stone choices like travertine, sandstone and slate have naturally textured surfaces resulting in a substantially higher coefficient of friction and are substantially less “slippery”. Let Going Granite’s experts advise you here.

3) Enhanced Resale Value


It’s always been Going Granite’s philosophy that our home improvements should enhance your lifestyle but, hey, if they also increase your property’s resale value … what’s not to like?

Because of natural stone’s durability, it will continue to increase valuation long after once new carpet, wood and tile’s appeal has faded.

4) Consider Granite as Your First Choice


Just a few of the dozens and dozens of granite varieties available.

While a number of natural stone surfaces (see above) may good flooring choices, when our clients are unsure, Going Granite always suggests granite as the initial alternative. Among the reasons:

  • Granite is very hard as it is formed when volcanic magma solidifies naturally making it highly durable and best suited for areas such as kitchen floors where there is high traffic and numerous liquid spills.
  • Granite flooring is easy to maintain and with just a little maintenance will last for generations.
  • Granite is not as porous as marble, sandstone and some other natural stones and, as a result, doesn’t get corroded, stained or scratched easily. It can also withstand high temperatures and is almost impossible to crack. With the proper sealing (as Going Granite provides), it does not require resealing as often as other natural stones.
  • Granite flooring, while typically dark in coloring, are available in a wide spectrum of colors. Whatever your choice, it’s certain to look great and enhance the ambiance of your home or business.
  • Since the colors and patterns on granite floor tiles are formed naturally, every granite piece will look different and, at the same time, blend well with other pieces. When viewed as a whole, they will increase the aesthetics of your home or business. You’ll find the wide color choices will let granite flooring fit into just about any interior design style.
  • To further design flexibility, granite flooring is available in a number of finishes. You can choose a high-gloss look in which the granite crystals can be clearly seen or you can elect a subtle matte finish (also known as a honed finish). A satin or leather finish is an intermediate between high-gloss and honed finish. Going Granite can also provide flamed and brushed finishes.
  • Due to its almost non-porous surface, granite flooring does not accumulate bacteria, mold and allergens alleviating hygienic concerns.

5) Cleaning Tips


We earlier referred to natural stone flooring as “easy-to-maintain”. How easy, you ask? It could hardly be easier! Going Granite helps minimize your ongoing maintenance by professionally sealing your flooring as part of our installation process. Below are a few simple but important Dos and Don’ts.

Step-By-Step Cleaning Guide:

  • Use either use a pH neutral specialist stone cleaner or fill a bucket with warm water and a little high-quality dish washing soap.
  • Using a soft, clean mop; swab the floors using short, gentle strokes. Mop all over.
  • Empty the bucket and refill with cold water without detergent. Mop again to remove all soap residue.
  • Using a dry, clean, microfiber cloth; buff the floor to bring up the shine. Never let stone flooring dry naturally, which will leave water marks.

And a Few Don’ts:

Always check the instruction and safety guidelines on any product that you are considering using on your natural stone floors. Test it on a small, inconspicuous area first. As granite, marble, slate, etc. are natural materials; there are also some items that should not be used due to a risk of damage and scratching. Here’s what you should avoid for cleaning stone floors:

  • Conventional floor cleaning products (you are better off using specialized granite or marble cleaners).
  • Ceramic tile cleaners as these can dull some natural stone surfaces.
  • Anything that is either very acid or very alkaline (vinegar, bleach or baking soda; as examples).
  • Rough materials like wire or steel wool scouring pads.
  • Vacuum cleaners, as the wheels and hoses might mar the surface.

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