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Sandstone for Kitchen Countertops

Betty from the Black Forest Subdivision in Colorado Springs asks:

“Your Countertop Replacements webpage shows a sandstone counter. It’s gorgeous! The illustrated use seems to be a bar or dining counter. I’m wondering if sandstone is durable enough for kitchen and center island countertop replacements?”

Betty, I couldn’t agree more … sandstone is attractive and seems well suited for use in Colorado where you see it naturally in the southern and western parts of our state. But are they right for use in the kitchen? Doctor Granite’s points below will give you both pros and cons you can use to decide if sandstone is a good choice for your kitchen.

Sandstone Countertops are Beautiful!

Sandstone is a natural quarried stone. When you research it online, it seems that sandstone is often confused with Soapstone despite their dissimilar appearances. The two natural stones are not the same. Soapstone counters are also made from quarried steatite stone that includes chlorite, magnesite and dolomite. Most soapstone also contains quite a bit of talc which accounts for the milky or powdery look and feel of the stone. Natural soapstone is carried by (and a favorite of) Going Granite and, like sandstone, is not a manufactured hard surface countertop like DuPont Corian or Swanstone.

Sandstone Countertops

Like granite and marble, sandstone is mined and cut from solid stone. This natural material can be finished in a number of ways. Cutting and standard matte finishing leaves the counters with a bit of texture that retains a natural appearance not unlike granite. Alternatively, polished sandstone countertops have an elegant sheen.


In addition to the natural character, the coloration of the sandstone is superb. Earth tones with rich depth predominate and hues vary throughout each slab. Like the canyon walls in our Southwest, these truly lovely countertops can show hues of rose, mauve and other colors.

Sandstone Countertops Require Proper Installation and Maintenance

The biggest concern about sandstone is that it is very porous. This means it will quickly absorb oil, juice and other liquids that may stain it if the stone is not properly sealed (as it should be).

If you’re going to install sandstone in your kitchen, make sure it is properly sealed. I can assure you sandstone countertops from Going Granite will be. Unlike most countertop contractors, we guarantee our sandstone against stains for an initial period after installation. This period varies depending on where your sandstone countertops are install and how they’ll be used. Ongoing maintenance is important and should be planned for before our warranty expires.

Remember, clean up spills quickly. Don’t let juice, wine or oil sit on sandstone countertops for more than a few minutes. Clean your counters regularly with mild soap and water but don’t use excess water. Towel dry the surfaces when done. Going Granite will always leave you with a few scraps of your countertops left over from installation. Test any new cleaning product on them before using it on your installed sandstone countertops.

Reseal Sandstone Surfaces as Needed

Your key recurring maintenance step is re-sealing your sandstone countertops on a regular schedule. Most sealants are designed to last on sandstone for three to seven years. Going Granite can give you expert advise about how frequently your new countertops will require maintenance based on your projected usage. We’ll work with you to schedule an appointment to have your countertops sealed again before the earliest point in which the heavy-duty sealant we use may begin to break down or fail.

Are sandstone kitchen countertops a good idea for your home? If you don’t mind giving them the periodic TLC they require, then they can be the perfect finishing touch to an attractive Colorado kitchen!

Bonus Budget Decorating Tip!


Do you have a guest bathroom or powder room that’s a little tired and long-in-the-tooth? Ask Doctor Granite about a leftover sandstone remnant from a larger project … we’ll sometimes have one!

Sandstone is favored by in-the-know interior designers for it’s vivid, natural, striking colors. A new and inexpensive small bathroom countertop may be just the bargain decorating touch you’re looking for!

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